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Soft Ripened Cheeses
(Canadian & Imported)
Champfleury, Le Rustique, Chaumes, Saint André
Chevalier Double & Triple Cream Bries, Vaudreuil Camembert         

Goat Cheeses
(Canadian & Imported)
Rondoux, Chèvretine Ripened & Unripened, L'Extra

Blue Veined Cheeses
Saint Agur, Montagnolo, Société, Cambozola, Cambozola Light

Firm & Semi-Firm Cheeses
New OKA Portions, OKA (assorted options), Havarti

Swiss Cheeses
(Canadian & Imported)
     Fondue, Anco Brand, Emmental, Jarlsberg

Feta & Cream Cheeses
(Canadian & Imported)
Danesborg, Delicrème, Rondelé, Anco Bulk Pack, Cambozola Crema

Specialty & Imports
Cater Box
Rondoux Triple Cream, OKA
L'Extra Pure Goat, Champfleury
Canadian Reserve 3 Year-Old Cheddar

New Bistro Pub Box
OKA L'Artisan, Aged Chèvre Noir
Saint-Paulin, Anco Smoked Gouda
3 Year-Old Grand Cheddar

Import Box
Roquefort, Jarlsberg, AIC Brie
Limburger, Le Rustique Camembert
Sainte Maure Chèvretine

Baby Bel

Boursin - Garlic & Herbs, Light
Cranberry & Pepper, Goat & Rosemary,
Pepper, Shallot & Chive, Red Chili Pepper

Specialty & Imports (CID)
Macedonia Feta (Canadian), Provolone

Blocks / Shreds (CID)
(many varieties & sizes available)

Blocks - Cheddar - Mild, Medium, White,
Old White, Light Marble, Monterey Jack,
Pizza Mozzarella, Old, Swiss

Shreds - Cheddar - Medium, Old,
Marble, White, Monterey Jack,
Old White, Swiss, Mozzarella (diced too)

Shred Blends - Nacho, Pub Mix, Mozzarella/Cheddar/Monterey Jack
Cheddar/White Monterey Jack
Angel Hair White Monterey Jack/Cheddar

Parmesan (CID)
Grated, Cubes, Angel Hair

Cheddar, Mozzarella, Provolone, Swiss


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