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Panini Full Loaves
(⅝" sliced)
Multigrain, Sunflower
White, Roasted Garlic
Olive, Marble Rye,
Whole Grain Multigrain
Wheat, Rye, Onion & Herb

(½" sliced) - Pumpernickel

(¾" sliced)
Brioche, New White

Rye Breads
Forest Hill Dark,
Wheat and Rye with Herbs
Marble Boule, Black Forest

Panini Half Loaves
(⅝" sliced)
Sourdough, Marble Rye,
White, WG Multigrain,
Premium Multigrain
New (¾" sliced) - Cranberry

Petite Panini
(½" sliced)

Wheat, Rye, Onion & Herb
White, Multigrain, Marble,
Potato Scallion, Roasted Garlic
Multigrain Cranberry

Sourdough Breads
San Francisco
Black & Green Olive
Scarboro Fair with Herbs

White Breads - Pane Mediterraneo
Multigrain Bread - Mill Whole Grain
Dietetic/Lifestyle Bread - Swiss Grain Boule (Sodium Free)

Specialty Breads
Rosemary Loaf, Potato & Scallion Loaf,
Sunflower, Chocolate Cherry Loaf, Fruit Bread

Sliced Deli Breads - (½" sliced)
Rye - Marble, Light, Dark, Farmers     Potato Scallion     Deli Multigrain

Rolls & Buns

Ciabatta Buns
Round - Italian (sliced), Plain (unsliced)
Square - 4"x4" (sliced)
Rectangle (unsliced) - Plain (sliced also), Roast Garlic, Sundried Tomato & Herb, Black Olive, Chicago Flat Roll, Pesto, Multigrain, Bow Tie

Focaccia Buns
Round (sliced)

Sandwich Buns
Onion Sub Roll (unsliced)
Onion Demi Baguette (sliced)

Dinner Rolls (unsliced)
Cocktail Roll Variety

Dinner Roll Variety
(pretzel stick/sweet/wheat/white)

Fusette Roll, Multigrain Bun, Sweet Bun
Potato Scallion Dinner Roll
3 Fruit Bun (30% Fruit)

Gourmet Buns (sliced)
Potato Scallion, Onion, Multigrain,
Pretzel, Brioche, White

Specialty Products

8" x 6" Focaccia Bread with Herbs

Baguettes (unsliced) - 21" Focaccia,
21" Ciabatta, 21" Roasted Garlic Ciabatta
12" Ciabatta Demi Baguette (sliced)
Specialty - Herb, Mill, Muesli, Sourdough

Pull Apart Breadsticks
Herb Focaccia, Garlic Focaccia

Pull-Apart Rolls - Mini Ciabatta (sliced)

Pretzels (* salt pack included)
*Mini Twist, *Medium Twist , *Large Twist
Pretzel Sandwich Twist (sliced)
Mega Pretzel Sandwich Twist
Medium Stick, Long Stick, Pretzel Hoagie
German Pretzel Table Loaf, *Round Bun
New 4" Hamburger Bun, Med. Round Bun
Pretzel Sausage Bun (sliced) - 6", New 11"
Pretzel Baguette, *Demi Baguette
Bagetzel (sliced),Pretzel Thin Crust
4x4 Pretzel Square (sliced)

Mini Sliders (unsliced)
Mini Ciabatta Squares & Sticks
(white or wheat 'n' bran)
Mini Pretzel Rounds
Mini Pretzel Finger Rolls


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