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Fresh Salads

Available in 5 lb. / 10 lb. / 30 lb. pails.

Potato Salads Specialty Salads
Regular Potato * Lite Regular Potato Fusilli Pasta Sunshine Pasta
Red Skin Potato Potato Vegetable Italian Pasta Tortellini Pasta
Potato with Dill Potato with Mustard Penne Pasta Tricolor Pasta
Potato Egg Lite Mashed Potato Seafood Pasta Greek Penne Pasta
    Caesar Bowtie Pasta Creamy Penne Pasta
Macaroni Salads Marinated Bean Carrot Raisin
Regular Macaroni * Lite Macaroni Bruschetta Mix Beet & Onion
Macaroni with Cheese Macaroni Mustard Chick Pea Salad Greek Salad
    Mushroom Salad Cucumber Salad
Coleslaws Country Vegetable
* Lite Minced Deli Style Smokey Baked Bean
* Lite Creamy Homestyle Tropical Fruit Delight
Kentucky Style Creamy Mandarin Orange Gelatin
Lite Minced Creamy Deli Style Strawberry Gelatin

Sandwich Salads

Available in 5 lb. / 10 lb. pails.

Egg Lite Minced Egg
Lite Egg Premium Egg
Tuna Lite Minced Tuna
* Lite Tuna Premium Tuna
Chicken Lite Minced Chicken
* Lite Chicken Premium Chicken

Lite Salmon
Lite Minced Salmon
Premium Salmon

Lite Minced Ham
List Minced Turkey

* Also available in Health Check recipes.

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