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Whole Muscle - Boneless

Leg, Inside Round, Eye of Round,
Tenderloin, Striploin,
Top Round, Sirloin Butt,
Butt Tenderloin, Shoulder Clod,
Knuckle, Breast, Chuck, Heel Meat, Flank,
Outside Round.

Whole Muscle - Bone in

Leg, Front Shank, Rack, Half Leg,
Hind Shank, Hind Shank Centre cut,
Flank, 1/2 Carcass Hind, 1/2 Carcass Front,
1/2 Hind Saddle, Carcass Pieces,
Blade Roast (Regular Chuck),
Veal Short Rib

Italian / Specialty

Scallopini, Delicated Cutlet,
Cutlet Breaded, Meatballs Raw,
Front Shank Sliced (Osso Buco),
Hind Shank Sliced (Osso Buco).


Liver, Tongue, Cheek Meat, Testicles, Kidney,
Sweetbread, Heart, Feet, Tail, Head.

Grilling / Braising

Chop Frenched, Tenderloin Medallion,
Tournedos with Bacon,
Steakette, Loin Chop T-Bone,
Flank Steak, Flap Meat,
Blade Chop (Roast).

Ground / Diced / Trim

Cube, Stir Fry, Stewing, Lean Ground Trio,
Lean Ground, Bones Mixed,
Marrow Bones, Trimmings,
Meatball Raw,
Mediterranean Roll,
Emince (Lean sliced Veal - random),
Breaded Steakette


Lamb Rack, Leg Boneless,
Lamb Ground, Sirloin Boneless,
Short-Loin, Shoulder,
Hind Shank, Loin Chop,
Carcass, Hind Saddle Double,
Riblettes, Striploin, Trimming

Note: GF = Grain Fed, MF = Milk Fed